"A Modern Day Bukowski"

Surreality: Strange Tales of a Man Sitting Down the Bar from You.

Surreality: Strange Tales of a Man Sitting Down the Bar from You.

"Surreality is a hard hitting read that will leave you speechless. With an introspective voice the author leads you through tales of abuse and chaos with intermittent moments of laughter, and concludes with a piercing sense of social awareness and personal truth. A solid work by J.D. Bradley, this is a great book and a must read for those interested in a brutally honest reflection of an uncompromising life." Amazon Customer

"This book is a must if you want the straight up ...in your face .... brutal honesty you've been craving to read about a real life guy who's been through it all and came out the other side only to find true bliss when he least expected it. Quick read...hilarious and shocking. You won't be disappointed!" Todd Haney

"A modern day Bukowski, which proves that truth is more interesting and mult-dimensional than fiction could ever be. Leaves the reader with a curiosity as to what the author will encounter next..." Jennifer Perdue

"Bradley has written a book that is just like a 12 gauge, it hits hard, hits loud and will leave you with a profound sense of just how his life has been lived. The book is composed of short stories, written as memories, you can actually feel the events happening just how Bradley remembers them. This is an interesting and engaging book. You will not be disappointed by Surreality." Paul Tansley

"The stories in this book are in your face with more wit than charm. This novel is a collection of tales that range from the bizarre to humorous to somewhat disturbing but always entertaining compiled from the author's real life. If you want to explore the strange vicissitudes that life can bring this book is a must but do not be timid as you turn the pages." Douglas (Amazon Customer)

"You simply cannot put this book down! I loved every page and could not stop reading. You keep thinking, "Just one more story. Just one more story." Next thing you know, it's over but you still want "just one more story." CANNOT WAIT for the sequel!" "Army Doc"

"The subtitle says it all, and even if you've never met or heard of J.D. Bradley, it reads exactly like the conversations you have exchanging crazy stories at the bar. This book made for great reading when I was home alone and in need of some good company and good laughs, and was also fun to read aloud amongst friends around the coffee table. Surreality is raunchy, hilarious, brutally truthful, and oddly poetic." Amazon Customer

"Bradley has presented us with a close view of a world most of us would never encounter. His language is brilliant, his eye remarkable." John W. Riley

Winner at the 2016 New York Book Festival in the "Wild Card" category.

The stories of an unusual man, who has had a strange life, and his reactions to bizarre circumstances. Read about the car door punishment and the underwear thief. Consider the coffee slut and don't buy a stolen bicycle from Ray Gomez. Welcome to Surreality.

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