Upon Occasion

Upon occasion I accommodate the delusion that all creation is a computer program, rendered to test my bounds, but only on occasion. It is incredibly difficult for me to both consider the vast evil that dominates all of humanity (man against man) and digest the fact that so many of my brethren are so fundamentally weak, and accommodating to their (our) servitude. Upon occasion I accommodate a perhaps unrealistic sense of possibility for my fellow slaves, even knowing the history of our planet, including how uprisings like Nat Turner’s rebellion were put down, drastically and in such a way to discourage the poor whites and blacks from ever joining up again. Upon occasion I get a lifting feeling of spirituality when I hear world class assholes like Zbigniew Brzenski actually give up, one year later, after having exclaimed that the dominating class will only lose if there is, in his words, “global, political awakening” lecture much to his chagrin that there has indeed been, a global, political awakening Upon occasion I hear people I once considered sheep discussing the so called “federal” “reserve” as they eat their slop in McDonald’s on the rare occasion that I eat the same slop, and I get hope. Upon occasion, I realize that this is going to go down, no matter what constraints our oppressors have put in place to secure their dominance over society. The key is to stop hating each other on racial lines. Occasionally join me, until someday this is the dominant paradigm. It won’t be a fleeting observation someday. Some day we will all be free.

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