Random Thoughts of a Mind Far Removed

Physical violence and emotional violence are interwoven but really violent people generally pick one or the other. Men who fight admit being violent. Emotionally violent people, however, cower behind delusions of civility and end up in lower management.

There are people alive that are so ignorant that they literally believe in guardian angels and magic charms. This one dumb cunt from my work place exclaimed during a serious discussion I was having, "They put a pipe all the way to hell last year and heard them a screaming." without a trace of jest. These people vote and have children, and the rest of the world suffers.  They are Satan's retarded army.

Kentucky (my home state) is like some weird b-movie about traveling in time to the past, which frequently fired and replaced the director during production.

A redneck was making fun of the size of my Toyota MR2 Spyder at the gas pump and so I said, “I see you drive a phallic symbol.” He looked at me blankly then proudly replied, “Nope! This here’s a Ram 3500!”

Anonymous phone call from area code (830):
Me: Yes?
Them: This is Time Warner calling. Am I talking with Jason Bradley?
Me: You are, but I want to be straight up about something. Everybody has to make a living. I have to make a living. You have to make a living. We all have to make a living, but you are making a bullshit living, harassing people. I do not want to disrespect you personally, but could you please make sure I don't get any more phone calls from your people? I don't owe you any money.
Him: You are right, sir. I will look for another job. Please have a good day.

Love is reassuring small children that they have nothing to fear and then taking action to make sure those weren't hollow words.

Cultivate both ruthlessness and kindness and distribute them appropriately.

Apathy can be crueler than hatred and requires significantly less effort.

I bet the George W. Bush Library only has large print and pop-up books...

My right to defend myself from the vicious onslaught of personal freedom from an authoritarian state supercedes the right to exist of the foot soldiers of totalitarianism.

Pain is the currency with which we pay for strength.

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